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Poultry Feed Supplement Manufacturer in India

As a reliable poultry feed supplement manufacturer in India, we make available only quality products to the clients. We offer Poultry Feed Additives, Arovita-NH (Multivitamin Tonic), Resporin Liquid, Appetaliv (Liver Tonic & Powder), Cuff -Care(Respiratory Tonic), Growbest Liquid, Minplus-E Chelated, Herbal Methionine, Herbal Choline-H, Toxobind, HERBAL-LYSINE, Herbal VIT-C (Natural Vitamin C), and others. Our poultry feed supplement is prepared using the finest quality materials and appreciated for effective results and zero impurities. We make available our products in quality packaging of different quantities. We make available our products in bulk and at the most affordable price. Contact us to place the order anytime.


Poultry Feed Additives

Working in assistance with a brilliant inventory management system and capacious storehouse has enabled us to entertain urgent and massive requirements of the customers. We are instrumental in offering the products in premium packaging material that is certified by the experts, followed by stern packaging of the products by the



Toxin Binder for Detoxification of Toxins & Protect Liver with Immunomodulatory Effects


  • Reduce pH of gut and feed
  • To prevents ill effects of pesticide
  • Reduce inhibit mold & pathogen population
  • Prevent aflatoxicosis
  • Flushes out harmful

Neptocare Plus

Combination for kidney stimulant, protectant and immuno modulator




Each 100 ml contains:




Arovita-NH (Multivitamin Tonic)

Vitamins are key components of Poultry nutrition. In addition to their daily need,  the need for vitamins increases under different conditions like transportation, chick stage, vaccination, environmental stresses, myco-toxicosis, disease outbreaks, convalescence, moulting, peak production and during antibiotic therapy. To


Resporin Liquid

Eucalyptus Oil Based Herbal Respiratory Tonic

Respiratory diseases are major causes of mortality and economic losses in poultry sector. Resporin is an aroma mixture, water soluble combination of natural ethereal essential oils. It can be used safely and efficiently in all sectors of poultry farming and provides the user


Appetaliv (Liver Tonic & Powder)

A unique combination of liver boosting and appetite stimulant herbs with Liver Extract, Amino Acids & B Complex.

Advantages :

  • Improving FCR, Promoting growth, weight gain and production.
  • It helps in reducing mortality and detoxifies aflatoxins & mycotoxins
  • Hepatoprotective,

Cuff Care Powder

We are known as the trusted respiratory tonic manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh (India). Our respiratory tonic is a complete solution for respiratory distress in different respiratory diseases of bacterial and viral origin without relapse of symptoms. The respiratory tonic offered by us is an herbal solution for


Growbest Liquid

Grow Boost contains all the limiting amino acids and minerals in chelated form to fulfill the nutritional gap, to maximise production and economic returns.

Advantages :

  • Improves feed intake, growth and FCR
  • Improves immune status
  • Improves size, production and quality of

Minplus-E Chelated

It works efficiently and increases :

  • Production performance & helps gain weight.
  • Improves feed conversion ratio & prevents rickets.
  • Enhances immunity & promotes growth.
  • Initiates weight gain and egg output.

Herbal Methionine Powder

Methionine is a most essential amino acid that cannot be synthesized in the body of poultry, but should be obtained from dietary sources. Amino acids are essential for growth and metabolism. Methionine deficiency leads to poor F.C.R., retarded growth in chickens, reduced egg production in layers & breeders besides weakness, poor feathering,


Herbal Choline-H

We are the reliable Herbal Choline Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh (India). It is an herbal composite used to replace synthetic Choline chloride & Biotin in feed Herbochol-H (Herbal Choline-H). It is a combination of Herbal Choline and Biotin, which helps in maintaining liver functions, reduced fatty acids


Toxobind Powder

We are the trusted toxin binder manufacturer based in Uttar Pradesh (India). Birds & Animals suffer from various diseases because of increase susceptibility. Toxobind is herbal formulation which helps to come out these toxins form the body rendering birds & animals in diseased Free State. Toxobind acts


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