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Poultry Feed Supplement Manufacturer in India

As a reliable poultry feed supplement manufacturer in India, we make available only quality products to the clients. We offer Poultry Feed Additives, Arovita-NH (Multivitamin Tonic), Resporin Liquid, Appetaliv (Liver Tonic & Powder), Cuff -Care(Respiratory Tonic), Growbest Liquid, Minplus-E Chelated, Herbal Methionine, Herbal Choline-H, Toxobind, HERBAL-LYSINE, Herbal VIT-C (Natural Vitamin C), and others. Our poultry feed supplement is prepared using the finest quality materials and appreciated for effective results and zero impurities. We make available our products in quality packaging of different quantities. We make available our products in bulk and at the most affordable price. Contact us to place the order anytime.



(For Higher and Sustained Lysine Activity)
Lysine is an essential amino acid which plays a major role in optimising the growth and production performance of broilers, layers and breeders. Although lysine is present in various feed ingredients of poultry ration, additional supplementation of this essential amino acid is


Herbal VIT-C (Natural Vitamin C)

(Natural and Stable Vitamin C)
Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is water soluble vitamin, which is otherwise known as L-Ascorbic acid. Generally it is presumed that, Vitamin C is not needed for the dietary supplementation under normal condition as it is synthesized in the avian kidneys. However, for newly hatched chick the rate


Arosel-E Powder

Selenium and Vitamin E combination for cellular protection, immunity & better productivity.


Advantages :

  • Acts as an anti-oxidant and anti-stressor
  • Prevents birds from crazy chick disease and muscular dystrophy, white muscle disease, Ascites & sudden death syndrome in

Arozinc Liquid

Fortified Zinc with minerals for poultry.

Advantages :

  • Improve fertility
  • Improve Egg Production
  • Improve muscular growth
  • Helps in dirrhoea
  • Stop leg weakness
  • Improve feather quality
  • Improve growth
  • Helps in Anemia


Electrofed Powder

Based in Uttar Pradesh (India), we are the reliable veterinary feed supplement products manufacturer. We deal in Cattle Feed Supplement, Poultry Feed Supplement, and Pet Products. Our entire range of products is appreciated for its excellent quality, zero impurities, effective results, etc. We have a team of


Arovita-A Liquid

Benefits :

  • Covers Vitamin A deficiencies and related symptoms and leisons
  • Maintains optimum health and immunity.
  • Relieves from stress and provides additional strength to tolerate additional stress.
  • Helps to maintain stable egg production with higher peaks in layers.
  • Helps to

DIROFREE Powder/ Liquid

It’s unique contains Anti-diarrhoeal Herbs+ EIectroIytes+ Buffers as the complete prescription for Diarrhoea and dysentery for faster recovery.

Composition (Liquid) : Each 1Ltr. contains water extractives derived from the following herbs



Ensures hygiene by reducing the pathogen load and controls the pH of drinking water.

Indications :

  • To reduce the pathogen load
  • To improve the FCR
  • To prevent respiratory problem due to increase ammonia level
  • To prevent the incidences of Salmonellosis and

BC- Complex Liquid

B- Complex with Vitamin C & Amino Acid

Advantages :

  • Stress Reliever
  • Improves Feed Utilization
  • Improve Egg Production in Layers
  • Improve growth rate and during primary and grower stage
  • Increase Immunity and Improves Anorexia
  • Prevents Fatty


Body Cooling tonic to fight summer warmth, stress and Pressure.

Stressnil is a scientific blend of time tested herbal ingredients that effectively fights stress through better adaptation thus restoring normal immune functions. The scientifically proven ingredients of Stressnil possess Adaptogenic, Immunomodulating, Free Radical



Nephstrong herbal combination of kidney stimulant and protectant herbs, immuno modulator and toxin binders keeps poultry and swine in safe and healthy state. Nephstrong helpful in protecting from toxins and harmful substances, strengthen the kidney, helpful in management of renal


Calcigrow Liquid

 Hepatotropic Herbal Liver Concentrate & Combination of Calcium, Iron and Vit. D3.


Advantages :

  • Calcium, Iron and vitamin D3 during peak demand seasons.
  • Builds strong bones, prevents anemia & helps increase body weight.
  • Regenerates stunted growth & increases

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