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Animal Feed Supplements Manufacturer in India

We are known as the trusted Animal Feed Supplements Manufacturer in India. We offer a wide range of supplements that includes Metho Chelated Lactoplus AD3 Gold, Lactoplus AD3 Strong, Phoscal AD3 Liquid, Arobolite, Minplus E Chelated, Arovita-NH Liquid, Lactoplus Paste Superb, Appetaliv (Liver Tonic), Rumiprotec Powder, Utrobolic Liquid, Bloat-Nill Liquid, Prolap-Nill Powder, Dirofree Powder, Skimax Spray, and various others. We make sure that our supplements are prepared using the finest quality ingredients and are free from adulterants. As we are the noted cattle feed supplement products manufacturer, we offer only quality products at the most reasonable prices. Contact us anytime to place the order.


Booster Plus

Essential Vitamins, Minerals & Amino Acids

 Benefits :

  • More Milk Output
  • Better Weight Gain
  • High Productivity
  • Good Body Structure
  • Better Quality of Milk



Large Cattle: 100 ml



Liquid Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, Vitamin B 12 & Vitamin D3



 Each 100 ml contains

Vitamin A                   45000


Liv Green

Liver Tonic Improve FCR & Growth



Vitamin B1                500 mg

Vitamin B2                200 mg             

Vitamin B6   


Metho Chelated Lactoplus AD3 Gold

Liquid supplement of Strongest Strength of calcium formula, Vitamins, Minerals, and herbs to increase milk output with better palatability.


Advantages :

  • Ensures maximum bioavailability of calcium and phosphorus.
  • Overcomes calcium and phosphorus deficiencies
  • Increase milk

Lactoplus AD3 Strong

Liquid supplement of Double Strength of calcium formula, Vitamins, and herbs to increase milk output with better palatability.


  • Helps in better absorption and assimilation of calcium and phosphorus ensuring maximum bio-availability
  • Overcomes calcium and phosphorus

Phoscal AD3 Liquid

Liquid nutritional supplement high bio available calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, fortified with milk enhancing herbs.



  • Optimizes milk production and fat level in the milk.
  • Prevents milk fever, rickets, and anemia.
  • Fulfills the Calcium demand during

Arobolite Liquid

To maintain Energy Level in Dairy Animals with Gluconeogenic precursors with B-Complex Vitamins and Minerals.


Advantages :

  • To provide energy to animals in energy deficient animals
  • To optimize the dry matter intake
  • To support in maintaining the normal glucose level in

Minplus E Chelated

Reproduction Optimizing Formula Fortified with Chelated elements and multi vitamins.


Advantages :

  • Improve fertility,

Arovita-NH Liquid

We are a high-flying name when it comes to superlative Arovita-NH Liquid! We follow strict warehousing rules and thus we keep the extensive range of products safe in our well-structured warehouse, which is supervised by our team of experts. Strong Multivitamin Tonic with Amino Acid

Advantages :

  • Better

Lactoplus Paste Superb

Super Strong ionic Calcium Paste with enriched with carbohydrates, calcium propionate & herbs to increase milk output.


  • Prevention of Milk Fever
  • Fulfilling the instant calcium requirements immediately after Parturition
  • Increase Milk Production
  • Improve Live

Liver Tonic

We are considered as one of the best liver tonic manufacturers based in Uttar Pradesh (India). Our liver tonic is a unique combination of liver boosting and appetite stimulant herbs with liver extract, amino acids & B complex. The production of the liver tonic is done under the strict guidance of the domain experts using only quality


Rumiprotec Powder

Rumenotoric, Appetizer, Liver Tonic and Lactogenic.

Advantages :

  • Restores & normalizes ruminal movement
  • Stimulates secretion of saliva & digestive juices
  • Normalizes the disturbed ruminal pH
  • Rejuvenates the metabolic & secretory activities of the

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