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Animal Feed Supplements Manufacturer in India

We are known as the trusted Animal Feed Supplements Manufacturer in India. We offer a wide range of supplements that includes Metho Chelated Lactoplus AD3 Gold, Lactoplus AD3 Strong, Phoscal AD3 Liquid, Arobolite, Minplus E Chelated, Arovita-NH Liquid, Lactoplus Paste Superb, Appetaliv (Liver Tonic), Rumiprotec Powder, Utrobolic Liquid, Bloat-Nill Liquid, Prolap-Nill Powder, Dirofree Powder, Skimax Spray, and various others. We make sure that our supplements are prepared using the finest quality ingredients and are free from adulterants. As we are the noted cattle feed supplement products manufacturer, we offer only quality products at the most reasonable prices. Contact us anytime to place the order.


Rumiprotec Powder

Rumenotoric, Appetizer, Liver Tonic and Lactogenic.

Advantages :

  • Restores & normalizes ruminal movement
  • Stimulates secretion of saliva & digestive juices
  • Normalizes the disturbed ruminal pH
  • Rejuvenates the metabolic & secretory activities of the

Utrobolic Liquid

Herbal Ecbolic & Uterine Tonic with Glactogogue and Anti Stress Herbs.

Advantages :

  • Facilitates timely removal of placenta
  • Ensures earliest involution of uterus and complete cleansing of uterus
  • Helps prevents uterine infections
  • Optimizes milk yield


Bloat-Nill Liquid

An Ideal Anti-Bloat Herbal Formulation


  • This liquid works as Anti bloat & increases appetite
  • Has antizymotic action which helps preventing frothing
  • It has carminative and antacid effect, which normalizes ruminal movement
  • Anti-spasmolytic

Prolap-Nill Powder

A herbal product to prevent and treat Prolapse.

Advantage :

  • Helps in the proper involution of uterus and vagina to its anatomical position
  • Increase uterine muscle tone and strengthen uterus thus reduces the chances of reoccurrence
  • Helps to reduce inflamed prolapsed part to its normal

Dirofree Powder

We have a team of professionals who keep their vigil eyes on the entire lot that is stored in the warehouse. This unit keeps the lot free from the factors like duct, rain, sunlight, etc. Buy excellence in the form of Dirofree Powder at coffer-friendly prices, from us!  Enriched with Electrolytes and Buffers for Faster Recovery in Diarrhoea


Skimax Spray

The Herbal Aerosol Spray to Treat Deep Seated & Maggaotted Wounds.


  • Multi action ensuring wide spectrum of protection against causative agents
  • Skimax spray has powerful Maggoticidal ,flyrepellent & anti-inflammatory property Hence keeps wounds free from maggot infection &

Pregsure Powder

Unique Combination for Reproduction with Chelated Minerals, Vitamins, Probiotics & Poly Herbs.

Advantages :

  • Fulfills the requirement of all fertility minerals & vitamin E
  • Stimulates the ovarian activity and ensures timely oestrus and ovulation
  • Stimulates the reproductive


 Nutritional Supplements of Bypass Fat, By Pass Protein, Probiotics, Organic Minerals, with Calcium Propionate to correct negative energy balance in dairy animals.

Recommendations :

  • Ketosis
  • Milk Fever
  • Anoestrus
  • Stress of any origin
  • Poor milk

Free-Flow Granules

Nutritional supplement of organic minerals, coated vitamins, fortified with Synbiotics enzymes & udder pH regulators

Advantages :

  • Supports in the treatment of Mastitis.
  • Reduces the inflammation of Udder.
  • Regulates the pH of Udder.
  • Rebuilds the keratin

Rumiprotec Gold Powder

It is Rumenotoric, Appetizer, Liver Tonic and Lactogenic.


Advantages :

  • Restores & normalizes ruminal

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