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Herbal Choline-H

We are the reliable Herbal Choline Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh (India). It is an herbal composite used to replace synthetic Choline chloride & Biotin in feed Herbochol-H (Herbal Choline-H). It is a combination of Herbal Choline and Biotin, which helps in maintaining liver functions, reduced fatty acids from the surrounding of liver. It promotes sufficient protein synthesis and its optimum utilization. Herbal Choline helps in regenerating of damage tissues and cells, works as stress reliever, Immunity booster & for better fertility. Biotin is useful in growing cells, production of fatty acids, metabolism of fats & proteins. We make available our herbal choline in bulk quantities and at affordable prices.


Form Powder
Brand name Herbal Choline -H
Pack Size 20 kg & 25 kg
Benefits It works same as Choline Biotin., Enhance protein utilization.
Packaging Type Plastic Bag
Why Herbochol-H? Economic and better performance., Activity remains unaltered during pelleting

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